Kicking off 2021 Season!

Hey there Boys and Girls!

Welcome into another great season of fantasy football. I am really looking forward to the 2021 season and have already started to crank out some early mock drafts and analysis. This year should be refreshing following a “funky” 2020 season filled with uncertainty and unique situations. I am kicking off this year with early preseason draft ranks/trade values. I like to use these tables as visual references during draft season. We will also be able to see some trends in players as we get more off season news and practices.

You might also notice some new hyperlinks. These are the FIRST edition of my Superflex rankings. Y’all have been asking and I was finally able to deliver. My algorithm is still being refined, so I expect to see some variation as the season gets closer.

I also have been writing content on my methods and overall strategy that I will be sharing over the next several weeks to prepare for the 2021 season. I am excited and hope you are as well. Please shoot me a message or comment if you have any questions or suggestions. Always happy to help

Standard link is:

0.5 PPR  link is:

1.0 PPR  link is:

The Superflex Standard link is:

The Superflex PPR_0.5 link is:

The Superflex PPR_1.0 link is:

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