Reddit Adjusted Trade Values – August Edition Plus 6 PT TDs

The time is finally here. We have “real” football this week. It means draft season is ramping up and before we know it that trade season will be in full swing!

Due to popular demand, I have added 6 point per passing TD to my analysis! The difference between 6 pt and 4 pt for passing TDs is pretty minimal. The main difference is that it undervalues rushing QBs and rushing TDs while increasing the value for high passing TD offenses. To calculate the trade values, I assigned each QB a multiplier that was a function of their rushing vs passing prowess. It was easier to do this for historical QBs, but I was able to work through the rookies as well. Some of the biggest movers were Jalen Hurts and Tom Brady. Hurts relies strongly on his legs and TB12 might not even have legs. Has anyone ever actually seen his legs? Checkmate atheists. Hurts value was actually reduced and Brady’s was increased to account for his passing TD project. There is very minimal changes in QB value in terms of the other positions since the scoring affects all QBs and the overall lack in scarcity in the position. Lets take a look:

The QB Standard link is:
The QB PPR_0.5 link is:
The QB PPR_1.0 link is:

The 6pt Standard link is:
The 6pt PPR_0.5 link is:
The 6pt PPR_1.0 link is:

The Superflex Standard link is:
The Superflex PPR_0.5 link is:
The Superflex PPR_1.0 link is:

The Superflex_6pt Standard link is:
The Superflex_6pt PPR_0.5 link is:
The Superflex_6pt PPR_1.0 link is:

Happy Drafting!


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