Reddit Adjusted Trade Values Preseason WK4

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Hey there you jabronis! It is time to d-d-d-d-draft. I have one of my money leagues tonight and I am excited. Somehow, I have been unscathed by the major injuries. Fingers-crossed you all have been as well.The 1_QB Standard 4pt link is: The 1_QB PPR_0.5 4pt link is: The 1_QB PPR_1.0 4pt link is: The 1_QB Standard 6pt link is: 1_QB PPR_0.5 6pt link is: 1_QB PPR_1.0 6pt link is: 2_QB Standard 4pt link is: 2_QB PPR_0.5 4pt link is: 2_QB PPR_1.0 4pt link is: 2_QB Standard 6pt link is: 2_QB PPR_0.5 6pt link is: 2_QB PPR_1.0 6pt link is: generate trade values, I combine Harris football (still hasn’t updated) rankings with Fantasypro rankings and apply an algorithm I wrote based on historical values and trends. Next, I average these values with CBS and 4for4 values (if applicable) to normalize across the industry. Lastly, I apply a PPR correction factor and create the 0.5 PPR values as well. I generated my functions by using historical data, Reddit Trade threads, and the Yahoo trade market. My goal was to look for crossover points in 1 for 1 player positional trades to generate...
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