Reddit Adjusted Trade Values Week 10 – Don’t taunt me, bro

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Week 9 was a weird week for the NFL and fantasy in general. It was great to see CMC back healthy and getting serious snaps. I expect we will see him at the top again next week, but for now he is right in the middle of that top tier. The RB position still feels pretty flat at the top. But there are likely some value targets down a tier or two.Join me and the Front Yard Fantasy Team (John Luke, Simon, and Josh) on a live YouTube Stream Tomorrow (11/10) at Noon EST to talk all about the Week 9 Trades. Bring your sack lunch, trade questions, and tune in!The 1_QB Standard 4pt link is: 1_QB PPR_0.5 4pt link is: 1_QB PPR_1.0 4pt link is: 1_QB Standard 6pt link is: 1_QB PPR_0.5 6pt link is: 1_QB PPR_1.0 6pt link is: 2_QB Standard 4pt link is: 2_QB PPR_0.5 4pt link is: 2_QB PPR_1.0 4pt link is: 2_QB Standard 6pt link is: 2_QB PPR_0.5 6pt link is: 2_QB PPR_1.0 6pt link is: you have any questions, you can find more here:Superflex / 2 QB, 6 Point Passing TD, Excel...
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