Reddit Adjusted Trade Values Week 11 – Keep Pounding

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What the heck happened in week 10? Serious question. I am in Europe for work and was not able to stream any of the games. Did Tampa Bay seriously lose to the Football team? I figured my Yahoo sports app was broken. This was a crazy week for football. all is right with the world with Cam back in the Carolina colors. We only have a couple of weeks of trading left, so it is now or never! Time to fix those holes and make the final push.Here are the Trade Value Charts:The 1_QB Standard 4pt link is: 1_QB PPR_0.5 4pt link is: 1_QB PPR_1.0 4pt link is: 1_QB Standard 6pt link is: 1_QB PPR_0.5 6pt link is: 1_QB PPR_1.0 6pt link is: 2_QB Standard 4pt link is: 2_QB PPR_0.5 4pt link is: 2_QB PPR_1.0 4pt link is: 2_QB Standard 6pt link is: 2_QB PPR_0.5 6pt link is: 2_QB PPR_1.0 6pt link is: you have any questions, you can find more here:Superflex / 2 QB, 6 Point Passing TD, Excel VersionsMore About meMore About my methodsFAQDiscord– Trade discussions, player evaluations, stupid shitMy Twitter - technically existsHappy trading my...
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