Reddit Adjusted Trade Values Week 12 – JT is a bad, bad man * fixed

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Well, most of my work is done here. The default trade deadlines on many platforms has passed and it is time to roll with what ya got! It snuck up on me this year a little. I will keep rolling these out for the degenerates that still can trade. Or for the people that also feel the need to compulsively judge their teams. It has been a great ride. Hope I was able to help you a littleEdited: Imgur was giving me errors all day yesterday. Sorry guys and girls!The 1_QB Standard 4pt link is: 1_QB PPR_0.5 4pt link is: 1_QB PPR_1.0 4pt link is: 1_QB Standard 6pt link is: 1_QB PPR_0.5 6pt link is: 1_QB PPR_1.0 6pt link is: 2_QB Standard 4pt link is: 2_QB PPR_0.5 4pt link is: 2_QB PPR_1.0 4pt link is: 2_QB Standard 6pt link is: 2_QB PPR_0.5 6pt link is: 2_QB PPR_1.0 6pt link is: me and the Front Yard Fantasy Team (John Luke, Simon, and Josh) on a live YouTube Stream Tomorrow(11/24) at Noon EST to talk all about the Week 12 Trades. Bring your sack lunch, trade questions, and tune in!If...
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