Reddit Adjusted Trade Values Week 7 – Hold on Tight to your RBs

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Sorry this is a little later than normal. I am traveling for work and didn’t have a chance to run the code. I had to get my wife to run it for me while I was in a meeting. There weren’t as many expert ranks posted as I like, so take these with a grain of salt.The 1_QB Standard 4pt link is: 1_QB PPR_0.5 4pt link is: 1_QB PPR_1.0 4pt link is: 1_QB Standard 6pt link is: 1_QB PPR_0.5 6pt link is: 1_QB PPR_1.0 6pt link is: 2_QB Standard 4pt link is: 2_QB PPR_0.5 4pt link is: 2_QB PPR_1.0 4pt link is: 2_QB Standard 6pt link is: 2_QB PPR_0.5 6pt link is: 2_QB PPR_1.0 6pt link is:
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