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Welcome, stay a while.

For some, fantasy football is more than a hobby, it is an obsession. For me, it is obviously more on the obsession side. If you love fantasy football a little too much, and maybe had a little too much fun in HighSkool, then this is the place for you. Come on in. Take your shoes off. Stay a while. You are home and in good company.

Who the hell am I?

Trading is the heart of Fantasy Football and I dedicate a lot of time to making that process easier and safer for all managers out there. Years ago, I created a model to generate Redraft Trade Values using a combination of expert and user data. I view these charts as a snapshot of the meta, or a way to have a baseline of player value.

In 2021, I also built a new model to attack Dynasty leagues. Dynasty trade values are more complex and contextual, so they were a little tougher to crack.

In 2022, I released a new tool for redraft leagues called “Cheat Sheets.” They were designed to help users crush their drafts!

Your support means more features, league formats, and content for everyone. Fantasy is a game we all love and together we can make it even more fun. Trading makes Fantasy Fun!

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