For those of us who peaked a little too early in life. Home of the best fantasy football trade value charts on the internet.

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For some, fantasy football is more than a hobby, it is an obsession. For me, it is obviously more on the obsession side. If you love fantasy football a little too much, and maybe had a little too much fun in HighSkool, then this is the place for you. Come on in. Take your shoes off. Stay a while. You are home and in good company.

Fantasy Football Tools

Draft and fantasy football trade value charts are essential resources for managers seeking success. Draft tools offer rankings and expert insights, aiding in selecting a winning team. Trade tools provide player values and analysis, enabling shrewd maneuvers to strengthen rosters during the season.Together, they optimize fantasy football strategies.

What You Might Have Missed

Who the hell am I?

Trading is the heart of fantasy football and I dedicate a lot of time to making that process easier and safer for all managers out there. Years ago, I created a model to generate Redraft fantasy football trade values using a combination of expert and user data. I view these charts as a snapshot of the meta or a way to have a baseline of player value.

In 2021, I also built a new model to attack the Dynasty format. Dynasty fantasy football trade values are more complex and contextual, so they were a little tougher to crack.

In 2022, I released a new tool for redraft leagues called “Cheat Sheets.” They were designed to help users crush their drafts!

In 2023, I quit my full time job in business development and started as the Product Manager at You can find all my new work over there including my Rookie Prospect Model. I also highlight all my work here.

Your support means more features, league formats, and content for everyone. Fantasy is a game we all love and together we can make it even more fun. Trading makes fantasy fun!

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