Dynasty Trade Value Charts

What is a dynasty trade value chart?

Great question and I am glad you are here! Evaluating trades in fantasy football (especially dynasty leagues) is very hard. Trade values charts are a tool that can be used as a baseline to judge whether an offer is “fair” value for both sides. The values in the chart are based on aggregated expert consensus ranks that are fed into a model. The model generates values that are calibrated by positional scarcity and average user feedback.

All of these inputs combined make these the most representative market trade values ever!

It is hard to create one-size-fits-all tools for fantasy leagues. It is up to each user to adjust for your specific league and play style. These are a guide, not a bible. Trading is hard and very nuanced.

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How should we use a trade value chart?

That is a loaded question. As always, the answer is “it depends.” On a basic level, add player values (left column) on each trade side and compare for fairness. With larger trades, sum the values for each player on both sides.

That is a very fundamental answer but does not really do the question justice.

Trade value charts are designed for 1-for-1 trades and don’t do a great job when looking at larger or lopsided trades. 2-for-1 and 3-for-1 trades need to account for the benefits a top-tier player adds to a team and for freeing up roster spots. In 2-for-1, 3-for-1, or 3-for-2 type trades the side sending more players needs to overpay for the smaller side. For example, if you are trading for a player with a value of 75 and want to send 2 players, they likely need a combined value of 30-50% more than 75 (98 to 113).

I often use these trade value charts to look for positional swaps. Let’s say I have a ton of RB depth and I want to trade an RB of 35 value for a WR. I will look for WRs around 35 in value and check the rosters to see if they are weak at RB.

I am looking for “win-win” trades that are likely to get done.

I find sending lopsided and/or nonsense trades that aren’t helping both sides win wastes time. Age can also play a significant factor in looking for a win-win trade

Dynasty Trade Value Chart - 1 Quarterback (QB) - August 2023

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Superflex Dynasty Trade Value Charts - the disconnect

Superflex dynasty trade value charts are particularly hard to make. There is a large gap between the average user (your league mates) and “expert” quarterback values. There has also been a strong anti-running back trend over the last ~2 years. The model has had to adjust and change weights for expert inputs versus the user calibrations. 

Make sure you mentally adjust these values for what works in your league. 

Every league is different and it is impossible to create a one-size-fits all fantasy football trade value chart. But, if you know the basics of how to use the charts, and understand you league format. They can be an amazing tool!

Superflex Dynasty Trade Value Chart - August 2023

Where is your dynasty trade calculator?

People are smart. We have the ability to apply many lines of logic and process a lot of information very quickly. Even if we don’t realize it. Trade analyzers or trade calculators are limited by the logic used to build them. Blindly following a trade calculator without applying context or reason will cause you to fail. 

I think as a whole, most people will be more successful using a fantasy football trade value chart (and some common sense) to make meaningful trades in their leagues.

Trading makes fantasy fun. Have fun. Send some trades!

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