Draft Sharks Relationship

Just need more PeakedInHighSkool in your life? Well, you are in luck! I have taken my talent to the team over at DraftSharks.com as their full-time Product manager. That means I have even more time to build tools and do deep data dives (say that 5 times fast) about fantasy football. All fantasy football all the time!

Check out some of my awesome work over at DraftSharks.com!

Draft Sharks Rookie Prospect Model

My first project with the great team over at DraftSharks.com was to build a Rookie Prospect Model.

I had been kicking it around for years but never had the time to devote to the project. Check out the article I wrote breaking down the model and the output!

draft sharks rookie prospect model

Dynasty Projections for 1, 3, 5, and 10 Years​

A lot of sites do 1-year projects. That’s cute. Dynasty is longer than a single season. That means we need to look to the future. At DraftSharks.com we use priority age and retirement rate curves (based on position AND role) to estimate years 1 through 10 of every fantasy-relevant NFL player.

Draft Sharks Draft War Room

Want a fantasy football cheat sheet with a little more horsepower? Check out the Draft War Room from DraftSharks.com featuring live sync and dynamic player evaluations! 

You can sync your league directly with the tool and it will pop up a sidebar in your draft room that adjusts after every pick. 

Get your unfair advantage!

Draft Sharks

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Do you want to crush your league mates? Check all the free fantasy football advice articles, videos, and podcasts at DraftSharks.com.

You can find articles from some of the best writers on the internet like Jared Smola, Matt Schauf, Kevin English, and C.H. Herms IV.