Introducing Peak’s Cheat Sheets!

The date is finally here! I am officially launching “Peak’s Cheat Sheets” just in time for draft season. You might ask ” what is a cheat sheet?” And this tells me that we have very different HighSkool experiences. These cheat sheets are special draft graphics that you can use to crush your drafts! Now I can help you draft and then we can talk trade.ย 

How do they work?

I pull FantasyPros rankings, in common scoring formats, and then massage the data. I average the expert rankings and round to the nearest number. I want to be able to visually see WHERE a player is should go in a draft versus his peers. So, the 2nd column from the left is the average rank.ย 

I break the rank out even more by round so you can have an idea of where a player is likely to go. The players are also color-coded by tiers. The range next to each player shows the ranking +/- from the expert rankers. You can add that range to the rank number to get a good idea of where that player might go in best or worst case.ย 

If you join the “all-access” tier, I will make you a custom draft sheet. Just send me the csv using whatever experts you like and whatever format you want!

What scoring formats are you interested in?

Any suggestions?



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