Preseason Trade Values: 20202 Kick-off

 Well, it is that time of year again. Time to start the F5 season. Time to neglect our friends and family. Time to torture ourselves with start-sit decisions. Time to stare at our leagues and send terrible trade requests. That means its time for Trade Value talk. I am here with the first round of Trade Values, they are a little late because I normally base my release (phrasing) on the pre-season games. Better late than never?  

 What’s in the works:

I am currently switching my analysis from shitty excel spreadsheets to full automation in R. This has taken me longer than I anticipated. But should make my life a lot easier in the future and free me up for more research projects

I started dynasty Ranks based on Pollsports user data. I am still working on adding more updated values and will keep people updated

I am working on a research project focussed on the relationship between player value and larger trades. We all know players don’t hold linear value in large (3:1) type trades, but what is that relationship? I finally have a dataset and am writing up my research.   

Google Spreadsheet: 

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