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Well, that was an interesting week of football. I keep getting injury updated on my phone, but I missed every game this weekend. My wedding was canceled in 2020…for some reason. The wife and I went to the court house to knock it out and decided to have an anniversary party this past weekend to finally get to celebrate with many of our friends and family. I should have planned it for a Tuesday so I didn’t miss the games! I will remember that for the next wedding.In regards to the moderator’s new policy: I understand the need to protect the subreddit. The goal is to have a community that works together to waste our lives on a silly game that really means nothing. When we have too much self-promotion, we lose that community feeling. Overall, I support the move to limit excessive self-promotion and spammed paywalled content. I do not agree with the total implementation, but maybe that will be addressed as a community and positive feedback to the moderator team (who work very hard). I started my fantasy football journey on Reddit. I developed my models on Reddit. Many of the people in this community are my friends,...
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