Reddit Adjusted Trade Value Charts – Week 1

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We did it. We made it to week 1 of the NFL season. We are just a few days away from real football. It is time to ignore our families, alienate our friends, and waste precious hours at work dicking with our line ups. Football is here and that means it is time to trade. Here are all the trade value charts you will need:1-QB, 0.0 PPR 4 PT/TD1-QB, 0.5 PPR 4 PT/TD1-QB, 1.0 PPR 4 PT/TD2-QB, 0.0 PPR 4 PT/TD2-QB, 0.5 PPR 4 PT/TD2-QB, 1.0 PPR 4 PT/TD1-QB, 0.0 PPR 6 PT/TD1-QB, 0.5 PPR 6 PT/TD1-QB, 1.0 PPR 6 PT/TD2-QB, 0.0 PPR 6 PT/TD2-QB, 0.5 PPR 6 PT/TD2-QB, 1.0 PPR 6 PT/TDThe live spreadsheet should update soon. Whenever google feels like it...
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