Peak’s Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets – Rev4.01 08/29

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Updated 08/29/2023: Post Jonathan Taylor :-(All sheets are in 1 Excel. Just jump to the tab you need!You might ask " what is a cheat sheet?" And this tells me that we have very different HighSkool experiences. These printable cheat sheets are special draft graphics that you can use to crush your drafts! Now I can help you draft and then we can talk trade. Really, I just want more excuses to talk fantasy football.I rolled these out last year and I made some minor changes. I swapped from VBA to R and made the process a little easier!How do they work?I pull Expert Consensus Rankings (ECR), in common scoring formats, and then massage the data. I average the expert rankings and round to the nearest number. I want to be able to visually see WHERE a player should go in a draft versus his peers. So, the 2nd column from the left is the average rank.I break the rank out even more by round (left most column) so you can have an idea of where a player is likely to go. The players are also color-coded by tiers. The range next to each player shows the ranking +/- from...
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